Cultural Travel- Evolution 2012

One thing we can always count on in this crazy life is change. Cultural travel is no exception. If you can imagine the figure of one billion, that is the number of people who will travel globally in 2012. Sound like a surreal number? Well, it is true. The sheer numbers of cultural travelers will knock your socks off! How did this happen?

Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany


WRAP your mind around this figure if you can: by the end of the year, the global tourism market is expected to reach 1 billion passengers a year. International passenger numbers hit 980 million last year, according to the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) and growth is expected to continue this year, albeit at a more modest pace.


To be a cultural traveler, one must be an adventurer that risks being able to have courage to go into new places. The cultural traveler of 2012 will be one that transcends the barriers of language, and obstacles in getting to unknown places.  The cultural traveler of  the present day is a seeker of knowledge and wisdom that only comes through the experience of being in new cultures.

Read more about changes in the world of cultural travel here.




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