Cultural Travel Bucket List

We all have a private list in our minds and hearts of places where we can experience culture, and have a trip of a lifetime. There are those trips that exist on our bucket list of places to go before we die, and places that call us to visit right away. What cultural travel is on your bucket list? My bucket list has Mongolia at the very top, with a train ride across Siberia. Then, I’d like to go to Bhutan for a two week textile exploration. After that, I would like to make my way down to Peru. And then there are those places close to home that offer a nice celebration after the throws of winter. A nice warm sandy beach somewhere south to study the culture of sea turtles nesting. What’s on your bucket list?

Bhutan # 1 on my Bucket List


There are lots of guides for where to go in the world, and an interesting list of spring places to journey for cultural travel include  bargains from hotels and how to navigate through planning your trip.

Each season, the Travel-Ticker team uses its years of experience traveling the globe and hunting for great bargains to provide travelers with the inside scoop, identifying the destinations that offer the best overall experience and value for each season. To form the list, experts look at local trends like weather and tourist traffic, as well as entertainment options, cultural experiences, and the available deals in each locale.

To see a more thorough view of the 5 top destinations to add to your bucket list this spring, you can review the list here  and read the full article. No matter what places you have on your bucket list, the cultural traveler always looks for ways to navigate the tastes, smells, art, and people within an area, no matter if it is 200 miles away, or half way around the world.




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