Cultural Travel Arouhd the Globe on Public Transportation

Figurine found under an Incan roadIn 2012, we usually think of getting to Antarctica by plane, but there are other ways to experience the joys of cultural travel. There is train, bus, donkey, camel, elephant, tuk tuk, bicycle, motorcycle, and boat. It is really inspiring to hear of fellow adventurers who are travelling the globe in different ways. One such brave soul is Andrew Evans who is going to all of the Mayan sites and will tweet to the rest of us birds in the  world. As you probably know, the Mayan calendar ends on December 21st, 2012.

Evans, the National Geographic Digital Nomad says, “Evans will develop his own itinerary using back issues of National Geographic as his guidebook and referencing the work and discoveries of dozens of National Geographic explorers who have studied the Maya and covered their history and culture in depth for the magazine. He will explore 16 Mayan ruins, looking for the unexpected, the untold and the weird but true.


The Mayans hold many treasures in their history and remind us of what is possible in terms of architecture, art, structures, systems, cloth, and Quipus. Cultural travel embraces the notion of being totally immersed in culture and its story. We’ll re-visit the travelling digital nomad later. For now, you can see his story in this place.


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