Cultural Travel and Weddings?

If I were to get married again, it would never be in an ordinary place. It is just not who I am. I would choose somewhere on the other side of the globe, a place that I have never been so that I could squeeze in a little or a lot of cultural travel. Weddings are big business in the U.S. Different wedding cultures are places to explore an experience that can otherwise be tradtional and ordinary. In the U.S. 6,700 couples per day get married and spend on average, $20,000. The same $20,000 could send the bride and the groom around the world. Here’s a statistic that will rock your world. The top city for weddings in the world is Istanbul, Turkey. (If you have never been to Istanbul, put it high on your list of exotic places).  Las Vegas is second in line. What does a wedding have to do with cultural travel? Well, if your passion is travel, then why not ask for the wedding registry to include a night or two in a city that you and your loved one really want to travel to? I can’t think of a greater gift, can you? Cultural travel to the other side of the world for your wedding will be chucked full of memories of the funny, different, and beautiful things that make a life worth living. Make your wedding different. Make it a wedding with a cultural travel twist. A marriage in another culture can be life changing.

Indian wedding-photo by Yogita

Indian wedding-photo by Yogita


In China, people are choosing the islands to get married:

The Chinese delegation is also on an inspection trip to choose a hotel and a local handling company (DMC) for a special group of 50 couples traveling to Seychelles this June to get married on the islands.


Cultural travel and weddings may take place in India, China, Indonesia, Thailand, South America, or anywhere else you can imagine. Why not use those wedding registry gifts to fund your cultural travel. If $20,000 is the average for a U.S. wedding, then make those travel plans and have an event when you get home that hosts pictures, stories and memories of your trip around the globe. Read more about China island weddings here.


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