Cultural Travel and the Titanic

I posted recently on the voyage of the 100 year anniversary of the Titanic. The ship, called the Balmoral, has had some real difficulties for this commemorative voyage. Cultural travel was extraordinary at the time of the Titanic. There were 1500 souls who perished aboard the Titanic. It was intended to be one of the most extraordinary rides of the century. Cultural travel today, 100 years later and the Titanic, bring the feelings, grief, horror of loss that crosses all boundaries, and all cultural divide. The commemorative voyage is having it’s own difficulties, as it had to turn back to connect an ill passenger with  medical help via helicopter. Here are some updates on the Balmoral’s commemorative voyage by Joy Jernigan, senior writer for

Meanwhile, the Balmoral continued to be plagued by bad weather on Tuesday afternoon, forcing the cancellation of a floor show due to safety concerns for the performers.

The memorial cruise has been five years in the making and organizers have tried to make it as authentic to the era as possible.

Passengers from 28 countries, who have paid between around 2,600 pounds ($4,100) and 8,000 pounds each, are being offered dishes served on the Titanic and on-board lectures about the famous ship.

The ship is carrying 1,309 passengers on a 12-night cruise. Among them are relatives of those who lost their lives, relatives of survivors and historians.

SS Titanic leaving Southampton almost hitting the SS New York

Here is the Titanic leaving Southampton almost hitting the SS New York

The original travelers on the Titanic perhaps experienced the most lavish and splendid voyage until the sea revealed it’s power 100 years ago, and the Titanic sank with  1500 people perishing in its horrible ending. I like to send each of those people a prayer on this 100 year anniversary of its sinking, and to remind each of us the power of nature over all of us. Cultural travel, the Titanic, and the memories that are excavated and restored, are the stuff that life is made of. We are reminded of what is most important in life through this  historic tradgedy. Let us not forget. Read more about the current commemorative Titanic  voyage here.



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