Cultural Travel and Learning

For many of us, traveling is a privilege that is afforded by time, space, and money. But this does not mean that cultural travel and learning about cultures and places around the world is not accessible. In fact, National Geographic is bridging the gap for those learners who want to experience cultures and places all over the world by offering a new reader’s series.

The National Geographic Learning Reader Series is the product of an exclusive relationship between Cengage Learning and the National Geographic Society, an organization that represents a tradition of amazing stories, exceptional research, firsthand accounts of exploration, rich content and authentic materials. The series brings learning to life through the combination of compelling images, media and text from National Geographic, and content created by experienced subject matter experts. The engaging material within the National Geographic Learning Reader Series helps students to develop a clearer understanding of the world around them and connects key topics in each discipline to important, real-world examples.

While getting on an airplane is becoming increasingly more challenging and expensive, one can still learn about places around the world that are wonderful. Cultural travel and learning can occur in the comfort of your living room! Read the full article here about cultural travel and learning with National Geographic’s new reading series.

Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest

Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest


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