Cultural Travel and Learning in Africa

There are few places in the world that offer the vast diversity that Africa offers. The terrain, history, and people of Africa are embedded in a rich history of place, beliefs, and topography. A dear friend of mine has traveled to Africa now for 10 years, teaching, directing and supporting 3 schools in Tanzania. Her organization is called “Pocketful of Joy.” Cultural travel and learning in Africa can occur through many organizations that offer volunteer experiences to teach and learn in the schools and communities there. You do, however, need to do your homework before signing up with an organization that promises a volunteer experience, and then charges you a big fee to go. Travel to Teach is a great organization that connects volunteers with teaching experiences in diverse countries. There are also new opportunities for cultures to embrace technology, and for teachers to offer technology through teaching community members how to use social media and Web 2.0.



Delivering her paper on “Making Web 2.0 Technologies work for Higher Learning Institutions in Africa”, a librarian and lecturer at Sokoine University of Tanzania, Dr Edda Tandi Lwoga, said, “The use of Web 2.0 in Africa is still at infancy stage. In order to improve the quality of education, African universities should take advantage of innovative and emerging technologies and consider the learning preferences of the Net generation or digital natives”.

Cultural travel and learning can enhance your view of the world, locally and globally. You do not have to wait until the perfect opportunity rolls around. If you are interested in cultural travel and learning in Africa, you can read more about  technological teaching in Africa, as well as teaching in K-12 schools here. Read the full article about Web 2.0 here.



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