Cultural Travel and Couch Potatoes

Cultural travel involves seeing the world from the inside out. Experiencing a culture from the inside out means getting to know people from an insider’s perspective as in living in their homes. This has certain perimeters that one carries in their minds. Staying with someone in their home can offer a view into the food, tastes, beliefs and traditions within a given culture. One idea that has never occured to me is couch hopping. Yes, you read this correctly; couch hopping.

couch hopping


The website is set up for traveling — people search for each other based on the destination they want to visit, meet up and give each other places to stay. It’s cheap, easy, and has allowed Alex Martin, senior in business administration, to become acquainted with people from all over the world.

“It’s a cultural exchange project – it’s a new way to meet and make friends while you’re traveling,” Martin said.


Ok, this is definitely cultural travel with a twist. It could work, though, don’t you agree? Cultural couch hopping could be the next wave of travel for the adventurist. But what about cultures that do not have couches?  Please, look into traveling from couch to couch by reading the full article here.


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