Cultural Travel and Business

Cultural travel is not just appropriate for the tourist who wants to experience another culture. Cultural travel and business is a subject that requires focused attention to social etiquette within diverse cultures. Sensitivity to beliefs, customs, traditions, language and ways of doing  business are a part of the requirements for being successful in business globally. Specialized training is becoming more and more important. M.I.T. has a cultural etiquette class for business. Training for international travel and business is  significant for employees that travel internationally. Valerie Price writes:

According to The Economist Intelligence Unit(Global Firm in 2020: The Next Decade of Change for Organizations and Workers), the next 15 years will be paved with serious challenges for American organizations as they enter the global arena to sustain their growth. Those challenges lie within cultural values that differ from one country to the next, quality standards that are not interpreted equally throughout the world, and the use of different languages to communicate.

Beth Capriotti of the Philly Post writes:

MIT offers a one-day etiquette course called Charm School. It runs all day and offers instruction in things like first impressions, dressing for success, and business dining etiquette. The course has been offered for 19 years and was conceived as a way to round out otherwise nerdy students.

Read Capriotti’s article here.

Cultural travel and business in 2012 requires a whole new set of values in doing business in other cultures. Training is essential for employees to abide by the business practices that are aligned with other culture’s beliefs, practices,  cultural holidays and rituals. Before traveling to the other side of the world, learn about the culture in which you are doing business. Read the full article about training and cultural travel and business here.


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