Cultural Travel and a Wedding in Bhutan

Cultural travel does not typically ring wedding bells, but more and more travelers are planning their special wedding days in other cultures. What about cultural travel and a wedding in Bhutan? I could actually get excited about getting married in a culture like Bhutan. In earlier posts, I have written about Bhutan being one of the last frontiers for witnessing a culture that still has so many traditions intact. Bhutan was one of the last countries to allow TV, and in 1999 the King lifted a ban on the Internet and Television. One of the beautiful traditions still intact is the tradition of marriage and weddings. In a recent article that I read, Randi Lass was one of those cultural travelers who chose to plan a wedding in Bhutan.

Throne Cover Butan 19th Century

Throne Cover Butan 19th Century

The wedding was held at a 350-year-old farmhouse owned by the family of one of the tour operator’s Bhutanese partners. In a Bhutanese wedding, the man comes to the woman, so at her hotel Randi dressed in a kira, the traditional women’s garment, early in the morining and was brought to the farmhouse. The wedding guests, who included fellow trip participants, staff from Myths’ Bhutanese partner companies, and relatives of fellow trip participants, staff from Myths’ Bhutanese partner companies, and relatives of the farmhouse owners, arrived later in a procession with the groom, who was wearing a traditional men’s garment known as a gho.

Cultural travel and a wedding in Bhutan sounds like something out of a dream. For a textile enthusiast such as myself, I would like to travel to Bhutan to see the textiles, and a wedding sounds pretty special as well. When I explored the tour operator’s site to read more about the connection of organizing the wedding, I found another gem. The company, called Myths and Mountains, with founder Dr. Antonia Neubauer, has created an initiative called READ, which is a non profit building library systems in rural areas of Bhutan and other parts of Asia. Very impressive and enlightening. First, read about the wedding that Dr. Neubauer helped to create for Randi Lass, and then read more about Myths and Mountain’s tours and the READ project here.


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