Cultural Travel and a Growling Stomach

Imagine being on a plane for 5 or 6 hours, packed with people, and you got up at 4:00am to catch the first flight, so you haven’t eaten a thing all morning. Has this happened to you? Cultural travel on airplanes becomes increasingly challenging as airlines cut the perks such as meals, and new baggage rules. Some people have to eat, due to low blood sugar or other dietary concerns. And then there are the cultural travelers who have a case of the growling stomach. I was once on a flight, squeezed in between two rather large people, and their extended family was across the aisle. After take off, they began to pull out paper bags filled with tupperware containers with deviled eggs, fried chicken, biscuits, and collard greens. I felt like I was in a movie or something. They were passing the deviled eggs across me, and the aisle, and doling out paper plates and napkins. I am not a fan of deviled eggs, especially not on an airplane. So what was I to do? I almost got sick, which would have ruined the ambiance of the moment. Have you had this experience before?

Green deviled eggs on serving tray- photo by Jonathunder

Green deviled eggs on serving tray- photo by Jonathunder


In an article on CNN’s site, I discovered that I am not alone in the cultural traveler’s quest for food. Here is an excerpt from CNN’s article.


(CNN) — Sandi Mays was flying home from a business trip recently when she was seated next to a couple who couldn’t wait to eat. She, on the other hand, was about to lose her appetite.

The minute the seatbelt sign was turned off after takeoff, her neighbors rushed to open their carry-on in the overhead bin and pulled out a plastic bag with a surprise.

“Within the grocery bag, there were Tupperware containers full of some kind of food that had a lot of curry and garlic and onions and all those yummy scents. They’re fine when you’re not enclosed in a tube,” recalled Mays, 42, a telecom executive from suburban Denver, Colorado.


It turns out there is a real etiquette for bringing food on an airplane. For the cultural traveler who goes on a trip around the globe with a growling stomach,  good manners are essential when it comes to food. Read this delightful article by A. Pawlowski here.



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