Cultural Travel and a Creating a New Life

I love stories about people changing their lives, along with their work, their vision and totally re-inventing themselves. Cultural travel and creating a new life can be as simple as opening your perspective by traveling to a place you have never been to. There are many seniors, however, who are totally re creating a new way of life for themselves by learning new skills, and developing their entrepreneurial interests.  When you are passionate about travel, culture, and exploring new things, it is so exciting to create a new life combining all of those things that bring you joy. Life is like a theater with several acts, and it is up to us to change the act each time the curtain closes. There is a new way  that people are choosing to retire. Rather than sitting in front of a TV, people are learning new skills, going back to school, and traveling the world to learn about cultures. There is a great article about some of these people who have taken the reigns and moved into the second act of their life with passion and with courage. This article, by Kristi Essick presents four extraordinary people who are creating a new second act. Here is an excerpt about Debra Gelb, former executive from Starbucks who is re-inventing her life:

She approached a friend about starting a retail jewelry business, something that would combine her main interests—travel, design, jewelry, meeting new people, nonprofit work—into one company.

The result is Zavida Gemstones, a socially responsible business that buys and sells stones and handmade jewelry from countries such as India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Mexico, Indonesia and Ecuador, and returns 25% of its earnings to nonprofit groups. One of those is the Khamir Craft Resource Center, an organization in India that helps artisans in the Gujarat region create sustainable businesses.

Re-inventing your life- cultural travel

Re-inventing your life- cultural travel

Cultural travel can be combined with creating a new life in so many ways. There are many elders who are choosing to learn a new skill or craft in another country. Learning how to write, or paint, and combining the interest with travel to another country is becoming increasingly more popular. What about you? Are you ready to do some traveling and create a second life? Read the entire article here.



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