Cultural Tourism is Going Mainstream

More and more people are becoming aware of cultural diversity, and the magnificent ways in which “difference” can open our awareness of the world. Cultural tourism is going mainstream. For decades, cultural tourism was not even a means of describing those of us who had an insatiable need to experience other cultures. Now, with the internet, and the threads of connection, we seek experiences that allow us to have a glimpse into the diversity of people and culture all over the world. This has been framed as “cultural tourism.” In fact, the first event dedicated to cultural tourism is about to occur in Italy.

Stamps from around the World

Stamps from around the World

After months of preparation, Art&Tourism, the first event in the world entirely dedicated to cultural tourism, is getting ready for its long-awaited debut on the international scene – ten days and the fair organized by TTG Italia, a company in the Rimini Fiera Group, will open its doors in the elegant setting of Fortezza da Basso in Florence for a long weekend (May 18-20) of art, culture, music, and lots and lots of tourism: 150 international museums, 50 meetings and events, 1 night party, and 200 companies, which operate in the cultural and tourism sector, with educational workshops targeted toward families.

Perhaps you have had a yearning to travel to Florence? Well now is the time, as this event appears to be  rich with workshops and events that include the arts as well as travel possibilities. This event exemplifies the need for a way to aggregate information relevant to cultural tourism and cultural travel. Don’t miss it, as I am sure it will engage all of your senses, as well as your passions for travel. Read more about it here.


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