Cultural Cruise on a Historic Ship

The United States has some really beautiful coastlines. The northeastern coastline is spectacular, particularly from Maine north bound. This summer, you could have the opportunity to take a cultural cruise on a historic ship up the northeast coastline from Maine to Montreal. Travel Dynamics is sending “Yorktown,” a ship that was built in 1988, on this special voyage.

Travel Dynamics International is pleased to announce the inaugural voyage of the newly-renovated M/V Yorktown. The sold-out voyage departs from Gloucester, Massachusetts, on May 24, 2012, and sails north along the Maine coast, through the Canadian Maritimes, and into the St. Lawrence, before disembarking in Montreal on June 5. Guest lecturers accompanying the voyage include maritime historian and former Professor of Naval History at the U. S. Naval Academy, William Cogar. Ceremonies celebrating the new ship are expected along the itinerary, beginning with a proclamation from Mayor Carolyn Kirk on behalf of the City of Gloucester during a Lobster Bake on the day of departure.

The Yorktown accommodates 138 guests and looks like a wonderful ship to set sail on. What a beautiful time of year to see the northeastern coast. This summer, why not take a cultural cruise on a historic ship? Read the whole article here about the Yorktown, and it’s journey north.


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