Cultural Activities and Tomorrow’s Future

Rarely do we consider the importance of cultural education and tomorrow’s future world. The arts have been the means through which we have looked backwards throughout history to see the story told through the architecture, paintings, sculptures, and material objects within a  certain time period. We need to value, and give value to cultural activities in schools all across the world. What exactly are cultural activities that enhance a student’s experience in life? Dance, music, art, and the creation of art are necessary cultural activities for today’s world and tomorrow’s future. In England, the cultural arts have become an important issue.

“Enjoying and participating in cultural life should be available to all children and young people: it must not be restricted to those children whose families already participate in cultural activities.

“All children and young people, no matter what their background or family circumstances, should have the opportunity to develop their creativity, their relationship with society and to contribute to the economy in ways that are beneficial to them as individuals and to society,” the government’s response said.

The arts and cultural activities enhance the experience of children and adults, and are the foundation that creates the story of culture and beliefs within a culture. This is an important moment in our history. Now, more than any other time, we need to pay close attention to culture, and to the importance that the arts bring to enhance people’s lives. Be an advocate for the arts in your community or culture. Find more about schoolchildren and the arts here.




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