Cruising in Tropical Paradise

I don’t know about you, but there are so many places in the world that I don’t know about. One such place that I just discovered is Caledonia. Now, do you know where Caledonia is? I didn’t think so. Caledonia is 930 miles east of Australia in the beautiful south Pacific ocean. If you’re considering cruising in tropical paradise, you might want to check out Caledonia and a new cruise that is going there. P&O cruises made their maiden voyage there last month. This tiny island has a diversity of riches from nature that will stir your imagination. For one, Caledonia has the most diverse array of plants and birds per square milometer in the world. In addition, the Indigenous culture there is rich in history and story. It is truly a tropical paradise.

cruising in tropical paradise

New Caledonia from Space

cruising in tropical paradise caledonia

New Caledonia


Kanak Women in New Caledonia-cc wikipedia


If you’re going, here is more information about the cruise. I absolutely love the colors of the cloth of the women above from Caledonia.

P&O Cruises made its maiden call to the island last month and the Pacific Jewel and Pacific Pearl will visit 14 times this year, giving passengers the opportunity to savour a day on this remote and relatively pristine slice of heaven.It is a delicate balancing act the whole selling point of an “unspoilt” port is lack of tourists but the islanders and P&O are confident that, with care, they can get the mix right.

New Caledonia’s Youth Minister Jean-Claude Briault told Escape that tourism would help create jobs and the islanders are keen to welcome visits by cruise ships while protecting their strong cultural traditions and the environment.

If you’re planning on cruising in tropical paradise, learn more about Caledonia. I know it is now on my radar for amazing places in the world. If you want to read more about it, go here.


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