Cross Cultural Marriages

Cross cultural marriages have occurred for eons of time throughout all cultures of the world. We, as citizens of the world, are connected by our similar human traits and qualities which transcend language, and beliefs, and all of the other things that one might think of as differences. Cross cultural marriages are a thing of the past, the present, and certainly, the future. In a recent article in the “Hindu”, there are some interesting observations about cross cultural endeavors of relationship.

cross cultural marriages

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Those who engage in these “multi-cultural relationships”, particularly those that proceed to marriage, often experience fears, concerns and anxieties, mostly centring around the possible discrepancies between their respective cultures and the impact that these may have on the marriage in the long-term. As a result, every time the relationship hits a roadblock, as even the best of marriages usually do, the tendency is to blame it on culture. When they do this, they are really doing themselves and their relationship a disservice, for, culture can never really break a relationship. Only the use of “culture” as a weapon to settle inter-personal disputes can.

For those who do cross the culture line, relationships can have their challenges, however, we each share a common denominator: Our human spirit. Cross cultural marriages can actually bridge cultural divides in the sense that each person brings their unique cultural lens to a  marriage that contributes to cultural understanding on both sides of the equator. In the end, it matters not what culture one comes out of, rather, it is one’s willingness to break the boundaries of cultural heritage and beliefs to a place of cultural understanding. Cross cultural marriages provide a gateway into understanding, and can illicit awareness for cultural awareness on all facets of belief. Go here to read the article in the Hindu.


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