Creative Cultural Activities for Students

If you are a teacher, you are probably in search of new ideas for your students. Creative cultural activities for students enhance their understanding of the world, and bridge cultural differences. Activities that engage the student creatively, integrate information with experiential learning. The Mayans had a complexity of beliefs and and rituals, reflected in their architecture and iconography on objects found. One of my favorite studies of Mayan objects is the Quipu. Quipus are bundles of string that are knotted and twisted in such a way, that they h0ld vast amounts of information.

The quipus formed a mnemonic system by which record the necessary information. It could be news census, amounts of products and keeps stored in state warehouses.

This is a web site to read more about quipus.


quipu- Mayan string object




The manner in which quipus were knotted and tied, as well as their color,  conveyed information much like a language of sorts. There are many cultural activities for students that can bring interesting stories that tie history to intrigue. Cultural activities about the Mayans can be created in a number of ways. From quipus to learning about the architecture and structure of Mayan stone walls, a teacher can change a student’s perspective of the world around them through cultural awareness. Angela Kleinow gives some more ideas for Mayan activities in her article:

Introduce the topic of the Mayan civilization to students by showing them a map and its location in Central and South America. The Maya were located in southern Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and Belize in a land of tropical rain forests. Then display a timeline for the Mayan empire, which lasted from approximately 2000 BC to 900 AD – different sources give conflicting dates. Compare other cultures of the world, such as European civilization or Chinese civilization during the same time.






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