Chinese New Year is a Great Way to Experience a Cultural Holiday

Chinese New Year

Cultural Holidays can begin at the new year like the traditional Chinese New Year. The Chinese new year is a cultural holiday that begins on a different day each year. This year, 2012, it was January 23rd, and next year it will be on February 10th, 2013. Cultural holidays like Chinese New Year can be one of the most exciting  events that one could possibly conjure up for a holiday that embraces the celebratory beliefs of a culture.  It is also important to plan where you will be going, and to carefully research the places and accommodations not only on the internet, but also with cultural tourism agencies as well as local tourist agencies that are reliable. Why is it important to check out your holiday before going?

Sanya, a seaside resort in China’s southern island province of Hainan, and the city of Xiamen in southeastern Fujian province both ranked among the country’s top 10 tourist destinations for 2011, but the two cities drew entirely different reactions from tourists during the recent 2012 Chinese New Year holiday.

Many cultural holidays bring tremendous economic boosts to an area, and often small ports or towns do not have the infrastructure to support large numbers. It is important, therefore, to scout out not only the cultural holidays that you are wishing to participate in, but also the “place”  or town where the cultural holiday will take place. You can read the entire story here: Cultural Holiday during China’s New Year Celebration


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