China and the Ancient Past

When people think of China, they usually think of the big cities that host a variety of diverse activities. If you are a cultural traveler that enjoys history and artifacts, you might want to consider a different trajectory through China. There are several places in China where some of the most ancient artifacts have been found. One is in “Cherchen” where the Zaghunluq mummy mound is located, and the other is in Chuxiong City, which encompasses ancient artifacts spanning 2000 years.

Chuxiong City is a part of Yunnan Province that has generated considerable interest among the scientific community and students alike. This is because the city and the surrounding areas have been home to several excavation sites that had some of the oldest evidences of human life”


China Yunnan Province

China Yunnan Province


Cultural travel can be a learning experience into ancient civilizations through the artifacts that transport us through time into other cultures. Some of the best preserved textiles in the world have been found through the excavations that have taken place near Cherchen, China. Perhaps you, too, would like to see through the portal of time and witness ancient worlds in China. The ancient past and China is waiting for you. You may wish to read additional information here.



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