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Senior Travel on a Dime

My Sister told me about “discounts” for seniors at particular eating establishments in the U.S.  I use them, because I am a senior who always travels on a dime. For those of you who travel across the international dateline and beyond, you need to check out this article in the Frugal traveler. Here is an except about traveling on a dime, and well…..being older:

Activities: Rather than using her vacation dollars to stay at expensive resorts only to lounge by the pool and eat huge meals every night, this traveling granny enjoys putting her talents to use helping others. Many areas of need are in countries where travel costs are quite cheap, enabling you to stay a bit longer. Says Evelyn, “An older adult who has practiced medicine, nursing or engineering all of their working life can bring those precious skills to a volunteer organization like Cross Cultural Solutions or Habitat for Humanity in developing countries around the world.” When asked why she doesn’t choose vacations her peers would consider more age appropriate, Hannon responds, “In travel, age is just a number and not important unless you are cheese.”


As I have mentioned in earlier posts, volunteering is one way to really experience a culture, and to give back at the same time. Senior travel on a dime includes going to distant lands and giving your time and expertise in areas that are much needed.  For your next senior travel extravaganza,  why not give back, and check out cross cultural solutions? Want to read more about being a senior traveling on a dime? Go here to read the full article.


Senior Travel- Discounts

Ok, so  all of us over 50 are not so willing to ask for the Senior discount yet, but when you are ready, jump jump jump to senior travel discounts at Sciddy is a senior discount website offering a mobile app for those of us that can figure out the technology of a smart phone. When it comes to cultural travel, seniors and everyone, can use all of the discounts available to them. Senior travel discounts can be found on Here is a blurb on Sciddy:

About Sciddy was launched in April 2011 as a service to identify businesses throughout the U.S. that offer discounts to those that are 50 years of age and over. Sciddy strives to provide the most complete, accurate and up-to-date listing information of available senior discounts. These discounts can be found in everyday categories including food and drink, entertainment, home services, travel, and much more in hundreds of cities across the country.


Ok, so there you have it. Senior travel discounts in a nutshell, or rather, skiddy shell. Whether you are staying close to home, or going around the world, skiddy offers some great options for Senior travel. Senior travel discounts can be found on skiddyGo here to learn more about skiddy.


Senior Travel and “The Way”

Senior travel doesn’t always have to be on a safe and guided tour somewhere. Senior travel can also include  a wandering nomad approach from country to country. Recently, there was a wonderful film that was made with Martin Sheen and directed by his son, Emilio Estevez  called, “The Way.” This film embraces so much about life, what is important and what is not, and a lot about “The Way.” While I won’t give away the important moments in the film, it takes place along the  Camino de Santiago in Northern Spain. It is about a father’s journey, an important journey while walking the Camino.

Martin Sheen- Father in "The Way" photo by Brian McGuirk

Martin Sheen- Father in "The Way" photo by Brian McGuirk

Here is a wonderful clip of Martin Sheen in Washington DC, speaking about “The Way.”



Senior Travel can include a wandering spirit and “The Way” of transcendence and transformation. The Way is a wonderful film about pain, grief, love, suffering, bearing burdens, being human, transcendence, a Father’s love, a Son’s love, a journey, beauty, honesty, authenticity, inner demons, and making the approach to one’s own fruition. Why not find your own way, and commit to travel that reaches beyond the “safe zone.” First, go and see this film, “The Way.” After you do, make your own choice as to what journey or pilgrimage is important in your own life. Then, take action. Find a community, or a small handful of people who want to journey with you. Senior travel does not have to exclude an adventuresome spirit.  Senior travel can transform and transcend “the way” in your own life and experience. Watch a trailer of Martin Sheen in “The Way” here.


Senior Travel to the City of Music

Its time to pack your bags for senior travel to the city of music. Where is the city of music? Vienna, Austria is called the city of music because it is home to a legacy of music that will inspire you to the heavens. As an example, the Vienna Boys Choir is one of the finest Boys Choirs in the world. I could listen to them all day. Vienna is also called the city of dreams because it was the home of Sigmund Freud, who was famous for the interpretation of dreams and psychoanalysis of dreams.Vienna city center is considered a UNESCO World Heritage site, and is full of cultural wonders for senior travel. Just listen to the Vienna Boys Choir on Utube below. It takes a few moments for it to load, but what a treat!!




Opera House Vienna

Opera House Vienna


Museum of Applied Arts Vienna

Museum of Applied Arts Vienna-MAK_Vienna_4.JPG










You can hear the Boys Choirs Choir at the Imperial Palace:

Vienna: Queue up at the Imperial Palace’s Hofburg Chapel Sunday mornings to hear the Vienna Boys’ Choir(standing room free). And in April, May, June, and September, the Vienna State Opera screens live performances on a giant LED screen in the opera house square.


Senior travel is an experience that is amplified by inspiring music and culture. For your next trip, why not try senior travel to the city of music and dreams? Don’t just dream about it, make your plans today. There are lots of special airfares and cruises that can transport you to the city of music. Read a bit more here about Vienna. You may also wish to read about European travel here.




Senior Travel to Bhutan, the Last Frontier

There are few places left in the world that are still frontiers in the sense of offering an exclusive glimpse into culture. Senior travel to Bhutan, the last frontier is possible. Seniors are undervalued in the west. But in some cultures in the east such as Bhutan, Indonesia, parts of India, Japan, people are honored for their wisdom and time on the earth.  Bhutan opened its arms to the world a mere 24 years ago when the country first allowed outsiders to visit. In 1999, Bhutan became the last country in the world to introduce television and the internet. There are five distinct seasons in Bhutan, and the climate varies from sub tropical in the south, to polar in the northern parts.

Central Bhutan

Central Bhutan


Senior travel to Bhutan, the last frontier, is a place that is rather challenging to get to, however don’t let this deter you from making those plans to travel there. In an article in the Huffington Post,

The country of Bhutan is a hard place to visit — and not just because the land-locked nation is high in the Himalayas, hidden between India and China, east of Nepal.

The government puts a cap on the number of visas it will dole out to visitors annually, and in 2010, fewer than 29,000 tourists made it into the country. A government-mandated “tariff,” or amount visitors are required to spend daily, discourages independent tourism. Currently visitors must spend $250 a day for the high-season months of March, April and May; almost all visitors book a package tour that complies with the rules.

So it’s rare to get a look at the country off the beaten path, though a few foreign news sources have published stories about the country recently, including a look at Bhutan’s festivals, its luxury hotels and its incredible (and under-appreciated) hikes.


An image tells the story far better than words. Senior travel to Bhutan, the last frontier, can be witnessed in these wonderful images taken by Hadeel Halim. You can read more about Bhutan here.





Senior Travel for Global Competition

It is rare to find a competition that engages a number one passion for many seniors. The passion is Travel. Senior travel for a global competition using one’s life experience and expertise is the kind of stuff dreams are made of. I love inspiring stories of companies and people thinking creatively. One such company is called, A Smaller Earth. Here’s what they did to inspire greatness. Chris Arnold, the CEO, designed a global competition called “Your Big Year.” The name of the competition is important because the winner receives a whole year of travel to five continents to meet with world leaders. Now isn’t that inspiring? The mission of this creative company is to positively impact 20 million people by 2020. Their website offers opportunities to volunteer, travel, and do things around the world that really impact people. The present competition, “Your Big Year,” is about to name a winner. The competition is global.Smaller Earth offers handpicked, meaningful opportunities  around the globe, making some of the worlds most stunning and remote locations accessible to all. Chris Arnold says:

5 Continents

5 Continents

“If you think you can make a positive impact in business or media or culture or politics or anything without having an appreciation for the other parts of the world, then you’re absolutely wrong,” Arnold said. “You need to travel. You need to go live and work and volunteer in other countries.”

Why not get involved in senior travel for global competition? Think of all of your life experiences that could be utilized in projects in other countries. I once won a trip anywhere in the world that was on Eastern Airline’s route. I thought I had won the lottery. I traveled to 6 different destinations that were on Eastern Airline’s map.  My advice is to get up, get going, and make a difference in the world. Get involved. Positively impact someone’s life by volunteering. Find out how to do it here. You can also read more about “Your Big Year” here in this article.


Senior Travel Tours for Single Seniors

Senior travel does not have to be limited to day trips to local places. Senior travel tours for single seniors can be anywhere in 150 countries around the world with other seniors who are also single. In fact, it can be a great way to make new friends and learn something along the way.  Since 1975, a non profit group called road scholar has been providing educational tours in all of the 50 states and in 150 countries. Being single as a senior is sometimes difficult when trying to meet new people. This is why tours that are specifically geared to single seniors can really be great. Just read Road Scholar’s mission statement:


Moray, an Incan site of circular agricultural terraces

Moray, an Incan site of circular agricultural terraces

Not-for-profit Road Scholar inspires adults to learn, discover and travel. Our learning adventures engage expert instructors, provide extraordinary access, and stimulate discourse and friendship among people for whom learning is the journey of a lifetime.

What an inspiring mission to help seniors learn, discover and travel. Elderhostel is the other name for the non profit Road Scholar. You can choose where you want to go based on your passion, such as art, or history and culture and many more topics, or you can choose by place in the world. I must add that the word hostel does not mean cheap. As an example, a trip to the Incan ruins in Peru costs roughly $5800. Senior travel tours for single Seniors could not be more exciting! Read more about how you can meet people, learn, travel and grow here.


Senior Vacation Deals to Retirement Destinations

Senior ‘travel is fun and educational when combined with cultural travel to interesting places. One way to make cultural travel more than just a vacation is to search for senior vacation deals to places you would like to retire. I am spoiled. I live in one of the nation’s top places to retire, Asheville, N.C. Asheville is a cultural haven with history, architecture, beauty, mystery, and a wonderful place to visit or retire. The best way to look for senior travel deals is to first narrow down the choices of destinations. Second, you can decide if you want to go the traditional hotel route, or perhaps an alternate route for accommodations such as Vacation Rental by Owners. You can explore senior vacation deals to retirement destinations by staying in a vacation home versus a hotel. Some owners will offer senior discounts if you have a small number of people.

Senior travel to Asheville NC

Senior Travel to Asheville, NC, a Great Retirement Destination


Retirement destinations need to encompass everything a vacation needs to have – which differs greatly varying on who the vacation is with and for. If you like to travel alone you will find a retirement destination quite different from someone who wants a senior trip full of adventure! Figure out what activities you want to do on your trip, and then find a retirement destination that fulfills those goals.

There are places to travel to for a cultural experience, and then there are senior travel deals for the purpose of your personal research for desired retirement destinations. Why not explore senior vacation deals to retirement destinations  that you would really like to retire to?  Where would you like to be in the world? Pick your top three choices, and then find a senior travel deal to discover the place that best fits your dream of a place to retire. As for me, I’m staying right here in Asheville, N.C. If this happens to be one of your top picks, contact me here to find out the senior vacation deals in the moutains of N.C. If you would like to plan a great trip to some destination in an exotic place in the world, then read the full article about senior vacation deals here.


Senior Travel is Best Way to Stay Young

Senior travel is becoming more and more popular as the baby boomers are coming into seniorhood. The houses are being shed with all of the stuff, and seniors are finding that the best way to stay young is to stay active. Many are finding that senior travel is the best way to stay young. Travel can be a weekend trip, or a cruise around the world. Now more than ever, seniors are hitting the road. One of the biggest obstacles for some seniors is who to travel with, or what group to travel with to foreign places. There are many tours that are specific to special needs, and accommodations. There are also communities which offer more local options for day and weekend excursions with the important ingredient being the sense of belonging and social connections that tours and trips offer.

senior jogging

senior jogging


There just comes a time when living alone and caring for a house becomes too much. Chores become much larger tasks and take up even more time. Unchaining themselves from a large house that is more than they need can allow seniors opportunities to travel? Bayview Manor offers day trips and assisted living Seattle van outings weekly. More time and resources can be allocated to travel, forming truly treasured experiences with family and friends.

It doesn’t matter where you live in the world. Senior travel is growing, and the best way to stay young. You can stay close to home, or travel the world. There are options everywhere that will open your world socially, emotionally, and intellectually. Plan a trip today.


Senior Travel and Best Retirement Places

Ok, so you have arrived. You are a senior. Congratulations. Now what? What about senior travel and the best retirement places? It is not so easy to flesh out the best places to travel, much less to retire. Perhaps the first question could be, what it means to retire. For each person this means something different. For a senior looking for a particular place, what is  the best retirement place?  What is the first place that comes to your mind?

Where are the best places to retire in the U.S.? According to John Brady, founder of, the absolute best cities and towns for older Americans have good weather, access to health care, low property taxes, and a certain “wow” factor. Throw in access to adult education, cultural activities, job opportunities for older Americans, low housing costs and income-tax rates, low crime rate, and good walkability and livability — and you get a list of both well-known and lesser-known cities and towns that retirees might fancy. Take a look at 10 remarkable retirement spots.

Florida Wilderness

Florida's best kept secret places

So what does retirement mean to you? Senior travel can lead to new places to explore to find the right retirement places. The world has hundreds of places that may fit what you dream of as a retirement place. Would you like to read more about the best retirement places? Read more in the Orlando Sentinel here.





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