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Senior Travel To Stonehenge

If you’re in the 55 and older rang and you love to travel, then get ready and pack your bags in 2012. Senior travel to Stonehenge has never been more important than this year. Why? Because Stonehenge, and the surrounding Salisbury Plain is really ancient and wonderful, and you’ll bring back some of the “good vibrations” that occurred over 4000 years ago. I just returned from a trip to Stonehenge, NewGrange in Ireland, and the sacred sites of the Salisbury plain. Stonehenge is a human marvel that makes you want to throw away your cell phone and lie down on the Earth to feel what we have been missing for so many years. Most people have heard of Stonehenge, but few know exactly where it is, or what it is. Where is Stonehenge? It is West of London, a bit south of Bath, and not too far from Glastonbury, (another place you need to add to the list.)

What is Stonehenge? It is an amazing piece of architecture that people around 2400 BC. created out of huge stones. It was important enough for people to haul stones from as far away as 150 miles, and they weren’t just any old stones. The large ones, called Sarsens, came from an area a bit north of Stonehenge, and the BlueStones came from Wales. What is interesting is that the line from Stonehenge to the Preseli mountains in Wales, where the stones came from, is the same line that runs directly across the Pyramids in Gaza. In trying to re-create the way in which they might have been transported, they simulated putting one of these massive stones on a boat around the southern most part of England, and it sank with the weight of the stone.

Stonehenge was a part of a larger cosmology that reveals that the ancient people who constructed the stone circle, had a very developed technology for watching the stars, the sun and the moon. This was important to whatever ritualistic events that took place at Stonehenge. In 2005, the Riverside project unveiled the largest Neolithic village (near Stone-henge) that has ever been found in Europe. So, what is Stone-henge? It is an amazing sacred piece of architecture that was connected to an advanced system for viewing and identifying the movements of the larger universe of which we are a part. It is also a place where the dead were cremated (remains have been found), as well as a place where feasts occurred. We must put the pieces together with our imagination and with the pieces unveiled by archeologists and historians. To witness these massive stones, is a moment that you will never forget. Senior Travel to Stonehenge is easy on your own, or with a friend.



Senior Travel Specials for Memorial Day

For all of you procrastinators, there are still opportunities for discounts in beautiful places such as Miami and Asheville, N.C. Some of these specials are surprisingly low, and if you’re going with friends or family, you can really find some great places. Senior travel specials for Memorial day include spots like the cabin below in Asheville, N.C. If you book now, you’ll save 10% on the cost of the stay through the 31st of the month. In addition, Miami has a slew of last minute  deals for Memorial day.

You can stay in this beautiful cabin, (sleeps 8), and visit the Biltmore Estate, or ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway, or along the river to Hot Springs. There are so many beautiful things to do in Asheville, N.C., and great restaurants. Book now before these Memorial Day specials are gone.

Log Cabin in Paradise

Log Cabin in Paradise


You can go here to view the cabin above, in greater detail.If it is the water that you seek, perhaps Miami is on your list this Memorial Day. There are many last minute Memorial Day specials to Miami for Seniors. Senior travel specials for Memorial Day include rooms for $106.00 per night according to CNN Money.

For those who want to start the season on the beach — there’s no better place than Miami’s resorts and spas, according to Jeanenne Tornatore, senior travel editor at Orbitz. And the top-notch Cuban food is a nice alternative to the weekend’s traditional barbecues.

Money-saving tip: Despite the many high-end offerings it’s still possible to do Miami on a dime. Even though some of the world’s chicest — and priciest — hotels are in the city’s South Beach neighborhood, prices drop substantially for those willing to stay a little further out. Travelocity’s Senior Editor Courtney Scott recommends Miami’s Doral Resort, where rates are as low as $106 a night over Memorial Day weekend.

Senior travel specials for Memorial Day are out there, you just have to search for the deals. There is no time like the present to go on a holiday. Read more about Miami specials here, and find out about Asheville, here.




Cultural Travel, Italy and Cruising

If you have ever been to Italy, you know that it is a country filled with so many riches relevant to culture. Diverse topography, great regional food and ancient ruins that can send a person into another period of time. Whatever your passion is, Italy has a piece of it. Cultural Travel, Italy and Cruising go hand in hand, and there are some really wonderful cruises that explore Italy from the beautiful Mediterranean.

* Naples. This coastal city has a personality all its own, forged through centuries of seafaring culture. During your Italy cruise you can get a taste of the city’s famous pizza – considered by some to be the best in the world – as well as incredible fresh seafood. Nearby, you can explore the ruins of the city of Herculaneum. Like Pompeii, it was covered by ash when Mt. Vesuvius erupted in 79 A.D., but this once-wealthy city is even better preserved.

* The Amalfi Coast. Connoisseurs of travel to Italy know that this is one of the most spectacular places to explore. Rocky cliffs plunge down into the sea, and dotted along them are elegant-yet-rustic towns and villages like Ravello and Amalfi, which capture the essence of Italian luxury and scenic beauty. Balance scenery with history on a visit to Villa Rufulo, the former home of a number of popes.

Amalfi Coast, Italy- photo by Edward Brims

So how do you see these amazing places via a cruise ship? Cultural travel, Italy and cruising are closer than you think. A cruise through Italy’s gems can be an enjoyable way to see this wonderful country from the outside in. If you have been to Italy, or perhaps considering a trip there, then explore cruises as a way to see this fabulous country with so many cultural experiences to lighten your way. Read the whole article about Italy’s cruises here.


Cultural Travel for Senior Women

In 2012, more and more senior women are traveling alone to places where they can volunteer, give back or participate in a class or learning experience. Cultural travel for senior women is becoming an important demographic for tour companies and for organizations that create volunteer experiences for elders. Older women are choosing less sedentary lives as they age, and more and more women who are single, and or widowed are choosing to go to destinations that are off the beaten track. This phenomenon is happening not only in the United States, but in other parts of the world as well. Here is an excerpt from the Sun Star Cebu:

To attract the aging traveling market, the department is pushing for retirement villages. According to the presentation, elderly travelers are attracted to cultural sites and like traveling on short holiday breaks.

Another trend is that tourists are now more activity-based, rather than destination-based. This means they will consider what activities they want to do on their holiday before deciding where to go.

With this, the department said the trend prompts destinations to create unique activities to lure in tourists. Destinations have to create niche markets to attract specific types of travelers.

The trend also requires tour operators to deliver custom-made tours to allow for a unique and personalized experience.


Senior women_cultural travel

Senior women_cultural travel

Take note you tour operators of the world. There is a market of women who are interested in new experiences and cultural travel to new places. Cultural travel for senior women is an opportunity for women to grow and learn through cultural exchange, giving back life experience, and attending classes in other countries. Would you like to learn more about opportunities to engage yourself in teaching or volunteering in other cultures? Go here to learn more about cultural travel for senior women. Read the full article in the Sun Star here.


Senior Travel on The Titanic

It has been 100 years since the Titanic made its voyage and had its  tragic ending. On this ship, there were souls from all over the world that died when the Titanic hit an iceberg and sank. The memory of this event is tragic. I have to say that commemorating the 100 year anniversary of this tragic event  is not something that I can feel celebratory about. Senior travel on the Titanic, is, however, is happening on a voyage that is traversing the same territory as the original Titanic. The voyage did not start out very calmly, as the fierce sea winds delayed the first day of travel.

The ship set sail Sunday from Southampton — as the Titanic did on its maiden voyage 100 years ago — on a 12-night cruise commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Titanic’s sinking.

After being slowed by strong winds, the Balmoral reached Cobh on Ireland’s southern coast late Monday, the BBC reports.



This is the original Titanic. Senior travel on the original Titanic included people of all ages, all races, and people of all socioeconomic  backgrounds. The 100 year anniversary of the Titanic’s departure is on April 10th, 2012. You can read the article about it’s rocky beginning in the full article here.


Senior Travel Tips For World Travel

There are many people who would love to travel the world. Many times, people wait until it is too late to get around to go to those far away places in the world, so they end up looking at videos or travel shows with regret that they never took the giant leap to travel. There are, however, many senior travel tips for world travel for seniors who are on a budget, or who need some help with knowing the best ways to navigate throughout the world. Knowing the best ways to budget your trips, and how to include some meaningful work along the way, is a wonderful way to see those places that you always dreamed of. Myscha Theriault of the Ottawa Citizen interviews Evelyn Hannon, who has been a world traveler for 30 years. Here is an excerpt from Theriault’s article, “Expert tips for seniors on a budget.”

Activities: Rather than using her vacation dollars to stay at expensive resorts only to lounge by the pool and eat huge meals every night, Hannon enjoys putting her talents to use helping others. Many areas of need are in countries where travel costs are quite cheap, enabling you to stay a bit longer. Hannon says, “An older adult who has practised medicine, nursing or engineering all of their working life can bring those precious skills to a volunteer organization like Cross Cultural Solutions or Habitat for Humanity in developing countries around the world.” Asked why she doesn’t choose vacations her peers would consider more age-appropriate, Hannon responds, “In travel, age is just a number and not important unless you are cheese.”

I love Hannon’s last quote. Don’t you think it is about time you get up and get on a plane to that one place you have always wanted to go? Senior travel tips for world travel will help you to find your way, save some money, and do good work. If you are planning a trip or dreaming of one, go and read Theriault’s article here.


Speed, Phones and Booking Senior Travel

Speed has become one of the most important aspects of communication today. Now, with everything moving to mobile technology, and phones, speed and mobile friendly sites that load fast are essential. Why? Because speed, phones and booking senior travel needs to be efficient and easy. Have you ever gone to a website, and waited and waited for the thing to load? Or perhaps you land on a video that spends 10 minutes buffering. Frustrating, eh? Well, travel companies are onto the mobile technology issue. Nancy Trejos for USA Today writes:

•Airlines rounding out the top 10 in mobile site performance were Delta Air Lines, AirTran Airways (which is merging with Southwest Airlines) and American Airlines. All had response times below seven seconds. Of the 26 travel companies ranked, Southwest landed in the No. 24 spot.

•The top hotel mobile site belonged to Best Western Hotels with an average response time of 4.954 seconds. InterContinental Hotels Group had the lowest-ranked site, with an average time of 9.728 seconds.


Speed, phones and booking senior travel is a tightly woven web…..the world wide web. Travel sites that offer speed and efficiency when booking, will win the prize for all travelers. Go and read the full article in USA Today here.




Cultural Travel to Museums Anywhere without a Visa

For people who have grown up with the internet, iphones, and other i stuff, the idea of virtual travel is no big deal. But for those of us with some time on our sides, (55 and blooming), the idea of visiting a museum around the world without getting on a plane is relatively new. Lets be honest, real is real, and there is no substitute for real travel, and real experience. But I’ll have to say that technology is getting pretty close to a real experience. Cultural travel to museums, anywhere without a visa, is becoming more and more popular, especially with the boomers. Is an online experience of a museum equal with a real experience? Hardly. But if your access to other cultures is limited due to a limitation in travel, then DO NOT consider yourself confined.  Google art project’s virtual tours are what I am talking about.

Google, the company that has already made it possible to explore our planet from above and discover cities street-by-street, has announced a global expansion of its Art Project site, which allows users to go on a cultural grand tour without ever leaving their computer.

The site, which launched in February last year with just 1000 works of art after being thought up by four UK-based engineers, has signed partnership deals with 151 new cultural locations across 40 countries. British institutions including the Victoria & Albert Museum and the National Galleries of Scotland are among those that will now allow Google to photograph their collections, bringing the number of works on the site to 30,000.

Victoria and Albert Museum- Mosiacs

Victoria and Albert Museum- Mosiacs


If you have not visited the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, well, let me just say that you could spend years exploring it’s contents. And now, you can go there with a touch of the mouse. That’s not to say that the experience will be the same. But what this new connection renders, is a unique way for the senior traveler to witness artifacts, places, and museums that were otherwise inaccessible. A trip without a plane ticket, so to speak. This technology which bridges cultural places, museums, and other phenomenon, will become more and more accessible as technology increases it’s span of cultures, and information on the web.


Cultural travel to museums anywhere, without a visa, is now a reality. Go here to see what virtual museums are all about.


Senior Travel and Driving

My father turned 80 last year, and the biggest thing about this was that he could not rent a car in Ireland, or any other European country fpr that matter.  As  an independent cultural traveler, senior travel and driving is a big issue with folks over 70 in some countries, 75 in others as far as driving is concerned. What does this really mean? It means that if you are older, a senior, and are over a particular age, you will have to opt for another mode of transport other than driving yourself around rural countryside vistas. In a recent article by AAA, the news dispels the notion that seniors are a bad risk:

Helping to dispel the all-too-common myth that seniors are dangerous drivers, AAA’s survey also indicates that motorists age 65 and older often “self-police” their driving or avoid driving situations that put them at greater risk of a crash. In fact, 80 percent of senior drivers voluntarily avoid one or more high-risk driving situations. More than half (61 percent) of these drivers avoid driving in bad weather; 50 percent avoid night driving; 42 percent avert trips in heavy traffic and 37 percent avoid unfamiliar roads.


What more could you want in the realm of awareness? For insurance purposes, there are other guidelines which an elder must follow, and these guidelines are out of cultural travel news reach for commenting, so do the homework before renting, or attempting to rent a car in a distant land. Senior travel and driving are serious business, especially if you are thousands of miles away from your homeland.

Read the full scoop here.



Senior Travel, and Tax Deductions

If you’re a person like me, you probably try your best to keep receipts, and then find them in an obsure envelope in the kindling a year later. Try not to be like me. Senior travel, and tax deductions is an art that each of us should get good at creating with….After all, we have earned it, right? I am not an expert by any means about tax deductions, but if you are interested in senior travel and tax deductions, it is good to know what travel expenses are tax deductible. Here is an excerpt from an article in USA today that reflects this question:

“The easiest way is to write on the back of each receipt the following; reason of the expense, name of person you met. The location and date will be in the receipt,” says Vielka Burey-Jacas, a certified financial planner in Miami.

Travelers often forget to keep a log of their car trips because it can get so tedious.”Your records must be contemporaneous,” says Jackie Perlman, principal tax analyst for the Tax Institute at H&R Block. “That means that you’re making your record at the time something happened.”

Perlman recalls a couple who proudly showed off Excel spreadsheets tracking the mileage of all the car trips. Clearly, they had just copied and pasted, because each day had the same numbers. “Just because you have a lot of paper does not mean you’ve kept good records,” she says.


So here you go, don’t be like me, follow the rules, and be a good senior traveler. You can follow the advice of experts, (my recommendation) and create a business out of cultural travel that is suited for your needs. Senior travel,  and tax deductions is complex, but with the best advice, can be sorted through to offer a way in which you can travel, be a senior, and enjoy other cultures! Go here  now to read the full article.




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