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Tom Cruise in Iceland

Famous people and travel are interesting to those of us who adhere to holding movie stars, and musicians in  high regard. I often wonder where certain people are in the world, as famous people are known for being all over the world. Take Tom Cruise for example. Right now he is in Iceland. I can assure you, he didn’t get there by flying coach. What is Tom Cruise doing in Iceland? Just ask the Reykjvik grapevine.

Actor and noted Scientologist Tom Cruise is currently in Iceland for the filming of Oblivion, taking place in the northeast of the country.

Vísir reports that Cruise is staying at the Hótel Hilton in Reykjavík. He will remain in Reykjavík for a few days before moving his residence to Hrafnabjörg in Vaðlaheiði, near Akureyri, for the summer.

Tom Cruise-CC Commons-photo by Alan Light 1989

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman 1989- Photo by Alan Light CCCommons


I like to imagine Tom Cruise traveling all over the world in his jet. Personally, I find imagining Tom Cruise in Iceland far more appealing than the tabloid’s parade of his personal life. I loved the “Fourth of July” a movie that he shined ever so brightly. Best wishes to you Tom Cruise on your 50th birthday in Iceland. Read the whole article here.


Famous People and Travel

It is interesting to hear how famous people see the world. Famous people and travel is a subject that is relatively unknown to most, but hey, they’re human beings just like us.  Many famous people get to see a vast part of the world, but I imagine it is only a glimpse, as they are in and out of places in a very short period of time. To hear how famous people perceive the world comes through snippets on the news, or magazines, and blips on the web. But what about the life behind role that famous people have to endure? What cultural perceptions do they carry back home? Take Tony Hadley for example. Hadley is an English pop singer and songwriter. Recently, the “Independent” had an article about Hadley’s life in travel.

Ideal travel companion?

Ali and my children. I’ve got five now; the eldest is 28 and the youngest is five months. They’re all beautiful and brilliant. I couldn’t think of a more perfect holiday than being with them. We go skiing every year to Morzine in France and stay at a B&B right on the slopes. I love it. If I hadn’t become a musician, I would have been a skier.

Beach bum, culture vulture or adrenalin junkie?

I do like the cultural aspects, but I’ve also been on several big treks with Action Medical Research. One was to Costa Rica – from the Pacific coast, through the jungle, to the Caribbean, where we endured torrential rainfall and got lost. We also went to Peru and to Venezuela, which turned out to be a bit dangerous because I almost fell off of a cliff. Luckily, someone caught me.

Martin Fry and Tony Hadley-

Martin Fry and Tony Hadley-Photo by Phil Guest


You don’t have to be famous to enjoy the cultural wonders of the world. It helps to have the funds to travel, but you can create a trip anywhere by creating the possibility in your mind, and taking action to go. There are still ways to travel on a shoestring. Ask me, I’ve been out on a thin thread to some of the far reaching places on the planet. The key is taking action. Just do it. You don’t have to be famous. Live now, go places. Read the whole article here.


Presidential Getaways

What do Hawaii, Maine, Georgia and Martha’s Vineyard have in common? They’re all Presidential getaways that each President needed to retreat to during their administration. There are stories that reflect the need for retreat during a Presidential run, such as Roosevelt ‘s need to travel to Warm Springs, Georgia to restore his body. Roosevelt had polio, and utilized the warm water to help restore his body. The rural nature of various places also provided Presidents past and present with a place to just be without the demands of people around constantly needing something. Place  is truly a key for creative thinkers and leaders. Famous people and leaders need quiet and stillness, just as the rest of us folks do. Obama goes to Hawaii, Bush went to Maine, and many Presidents such as Kennedy went to his home on Martha’s Vineyard.


President of the United States 2012

President Obama


Truman, who claimed Key West to be his second favorite place on earth, wasn’t the only commander-in-chief to use this place as a working retreat. Other presidents include Howard Taft, Dwight Eisenhower and John F.  Kennedy.


Presidents are like other famous people who need restorative vacations to refresh and renew. Their minds are always at work while at the White House, so it is no wonder that each President has had a special place to retreat to.


Time Travel and Creative Futures

If you are thinking of some futuristic time travel for your next adventure, perhaps it is time to explore the latest in films that ignite possibilities. Creative endeavors that transport us to another place are the stuff of dreams, and you can contribute to one such dream by looking at  what one creative soul is doing in the realm of film projects.

US Army Photo 1947-1955


The story goes something like this. In the year 2036, a man calling himself John Titor was sent back in time to 1975 to retrieve pieces of a rare, early IBM computer for use in rebuilding an America that was decimated by nuclear war in 2015. Twenty-five years later, Titor began posting on the Internet about his experiences. And this absolutely happened. Or, at least, an Internet posting by someone using that name and offering that story happened.

You can travel forward, backward and just about anywhere in your imagination. It takes real creative genius to find ways to create a project and get it out there in the world. Perhaps we could create a culture of the future that travels in time……If you would like to see a trailer from this film, check it out here.




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