Asheville, NC

Asheville, NC What Gives?

Asheville, NC sits at the epicenter of my heart, and I have witnessed it’s transformation from the good, the bad, and the ugly. The ugly is the part that wrecks my soul. Before the year 2000, Asheville was a ghost town, with very few people considering it as a “culture spot” or even a place where you could find people on the streets after 10:00 pm. Now, it is town Shi Shi with hip restaurants, bistros and everything in between. So often, people focus only on the downtown, and what there is to see and do in Asheville. What many people miss is the extraordinary beauty, and “free things” that are gifts of nature that are within 4 to 15 minutes from downtown. For people who were born and raised in Asheville and the surrounding areas, the “new” Asheville is sometimes hard to bear. Two hour traffic jams, poor planning, and lots of ugly buildup on tunnel road make this beautiful paradise seem like Las Vegas on a good night. What is to be remembered in the past, as well as now, is that we are the intruders to a magical and splendid gift of nature that is fragile. Asheville, NC as a tourist destination is a multifaceted gem with so many wonderful things to do. Honor it as a gift of nature, and perhaps we can sustain the fragile environment in which it abides. It is not just about the cool restaurants and hip farm to table restaurants that make Asheville, NC a retirement destination and a tourist destination. It is also the splendid display of beauty that the blue ridge mountains give to everyone who gets to enjoy them that makes this place shine brightly in everyone’s eyes. Bottom line is that it takes more than 48 hours in Asheville to know what travel tips are worth pursuing. These mountains are some of the oldest mountains in the world. How do I know? I live near Asheville, NC. Look deeper Lonely Planet, much deeper than what you see in 48 hours in Asheville.

Downtown Asheville is compact and easily stroll-able, its streets lined with boutiques, bars and art galleries set inside historic buildings that retain their 1920s glamour. A short drive away, West Asheville is an up-and-coming ‘hood where hipster hair salons (free beer with your trim!) abut auto body shops and old-fashioned dollar stores. Wherever you are, the dense blue-green mountains never look far away.

If you’re going to Asheville, NC, check out a splendid cabin which rents for pennies on the dollar compared to the downtown hi’fi hotels. Plus, you’ll have a room with a view, and a sunrise with a few cows interspersed. Go here to see more:



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