Barcelona, Barcelona

Last year, I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Barcelona. Traveling alone, it was so easy to get around, see the museums and all of the other wonders of Barcelona. Barcelona is becoming increasingly popular these days for culture seekers and the city has some of the finest artwork in the world. There are numerous museums, the Picasso museum, numerous works by Gaudi, and a city bus that you can travel on all day with headsets in every language to describe the sites. While there, I felt like singing “Barcelona, Barcelona!” I saw some of the most amazing exhibits while there including the Russian Dancer, Diaghilev’s collection of costumes from the early 1900′s. Below is a model of Gaudi’s method of creating arches in the Sagrada Familia.

Sagrada Familia


In addition, Barcelona City is becoming more known for conferences, as it is a city that offers diversity of people, culture and place. Market watch posted this:

Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia and a major Mediterranean city is gaining touristic popularity year on year, and its municipal government is striving hard to reach even higher standards. It has become a tourist destination worldwide as a result of the beauty of its old town, its cultural mix of tradition and modernity, an exciting nightlife, a mild climate and the duality between the sea and the mountains.

So, if you’re going, do some research. Flights are pretty reasonable and usually direct. Before long, you’ll be singing “Barcelona Barcelona too.”  Read more here.



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