Asia’s Best Kept Secrets

Laos is one of those places that has a world of interesting food, culture, art and entertainment. The landscape is beautiful as well. There, you will discover Hmong Pan dau’s, which are exquisite reverse applique textile pieces, and amazing needlework. Laos is rich in cultural identity, and yet, is one of Asia’s best kept secrets. For cultural travel in Asia, put Laos high on your list of places to experience.


Hmong girls from Laos

Hmong girls from Laos photo by grjenkins

Laos is one of Southeast Asia’s less visited corners, but those who do come make a beeline for Luang Prabang (City of the Buddha of Peace) at the confluence of the Mekong and Khan rivers in the mountainous north. The sleepy former capital is home to hundreds of saffron-clad monks who inhabit its more than 300 pagoda-like temples. Throughout town, a languid air of serenity mixes with a new-found sense of stylishness. Of the growing number of chic hotels, many are housed in refurbished French-colonial buildings, and outdoor restaurants offer mouth-watering fusion dishes.

Whether you are a textile buff, or a food connossier, Laos may very well become your favorite place to go. The Hmong culture has an amazing belief system, and the textiles that are created there will drop you to your knees. In addition to the material wonders of Laos, the food has an extraordinary unique style in an area that is virtually untapped by most tourists.  If you would like to read more about a cultural trip to Laos, read more about it here.


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