A Spring Festival for the Cultural Traveler

If you are a person who loves poetry, art, food and culture, you might want to put your sights on a festival in its 7th year in Bahrain. Festivals offer bridges for the cultural traveler to see, experience, taste, and enjoy the arts through the lens of culture. This year’s spring festival is all about the experience, and what a way for the cultural traveler to explore new places.

“When one looks at the history of the Spring of Culture Festival, since it was first organized in 2006 to this year’s Festival, it can be realized that the Festival has become a comprehensive multi-dimensional cultural, artistic and educational demonstration. The Spring of Culture has its fans and audience, and the Festival has its students and graduates. This is reflected in the Festival’s rich programme which gives utmost attention to various segments and tastes, and promotes global inter-cultural communication.

King Fahd Causeway- Photo by Navin Shetty Brahmavar


The arts and cultural events allow a wider perspective into a region, a place, and a culture. Seeing and experiencing changes our world views. This year’s festival is all about the experience. For cultural travel to Bahrain, check out more of the story here.


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