A Cultural Voyage Around the World

I don’t know about you, but a voyage around the world is  something that I would like to do before I die. An interesting article that I read recently is about a cultural voyage around the world. This is a Russian ship with a mission to educate people of the world about Russian culture and Russian Heritage. In an article in the “Voice of Russia,” the mission of the voyage is made clear.

On the 20th of May, the Russian sailing ship Sedov will set off from St. Petersburg on a round-the-world voyage. During the 14-month tour, it will call at 32 ports to carry out an educational and cultural mission which aims to remind the international community about great Russian geographical discoveries and educate it of Russian cultural heritage.

ccording to the organizers of the voyage, an ambitious cultural programme will be put up throughout the tour. Ethnographer and film director Leonid Kruglov will present a photo exhibition and a documentary film he has made. The photos and the film sum up of his six expeditions which followed trail of Russian explorers. Now, Leonid Kruglov and his team are setting off on another expedition, this time on board the Sedov. This will be the last in a series of round-the-world tours they have carried out.

A cultural voyage around the world is a great way to experience culture through the lens of those who bring the cultural heritage to your doorstep. What a wonderful endeavor that seeks to enlighten the rest of the world to Russian Culture. You can read the whole article about this voyage here.


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