A Cultural Trek into Real Japan

If you are an adventurer, you most likely hike, bike, swim, or climb mountains. A cultural trip to real Japan might include a trek through one of Japan’s beautiful mountains. You don’t have to be a master climber to enjoy the beauty of lush Japan. Rather, you can restore your spirit and your soul while hiking Hakusan, one of Japan’s holy mountains.

The Hakusan foothills are known as inaka, the Japanese word for the countryside. You might also call it the “real” Japan, if such a place exists apart from the “unreal” Japan of skyscrapers, crowds, pop culture and futuristic technology. Hakusan is a dormant volcano and the boiling water just beneath its surface has given rise to hot springs and resort hotels in spa towns surrounding the mountain, including Kaga Onsen and the provincial Hakusan City.

The mountains of the world offer silence, solitude, and  restorative time to embrace beauty and to feel the spirit of the mountains. You may choose a cultural trip that has beauty at the forefront. To read more, click on the link below.


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