A Cultural Foreigner’s Guide to Australia

The world is so vast, it is sometimes overbearing to consider getting on a plane and sitting for 14 hours to go to Australia. A cultural traveler has to be really passionate about seeing Australia before getting on that plane. On the other hand, there is much to do outside of the typical things to see and do in Australia. As an example, the museums alone are worth the trip. A cultural foreigner’s guide to Australia should include the incredible museums along with the architecture they are housed in. In addition to the museums, the indigenous culture is extremely rich in story. In the United States, people have skewed perceptions of the land down under. Ben Groundwater writes a wonderful article in the SMH.com.au about western perceptions of Australia.

Everlastings on Mt. Hotham Victoria

Everlastings on Mt. Hotham Victoria

Travel around the world a bit and you meet plenty of people, some who’ve already been to Australia, some who’ve always dreamed of coming to Australia, and those who have no intention at all.

I’ve spent the last three weeks in the USA, and it was interesting to hear different people’s perspective on our country.

First there was the guy on the San Francisco cable car who heard my accent and wanted to know where I came from. “Australia,” I said. The guy smiled. “Wow, you speak really good English.”

So awareness of this little country – that’s almost the same size as his – may not be spreading quite as quickly as we’d hoped.

Still, most of the people I spoke to there had the same thing to say: “Australia? Man, I’d love to go there. But it’s just so far, you know?”

A cultural foreigner’s guide to Australia could include not only the wonders of the cities, but also a view of the outback, and the land that is so vast and wonderful. Perhaps Australia is on your list. If not, then consider it as a place that holds a lot of diversity in cultural richness. It is expensive, however, so be prepared. Read the whole article by Ben Groundwater here.

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