Cultural travel to places that are really off the beaten track are becoming more difficult to find. After tourists find out about the unique places in the world, it seems that everyone wants to go there. One place that I’ll bet you never dreamed of going is North Korea. For the die hard cultural traveler, North Korea has just been opened up for travel. Places that have been sealed off from the rest of the world are relatively unknown to most cultural travelers. But North Korea has some really remarkable things to see. Did you know that the Goguryeo tombs in North Korea became the country’s first UNESCO site in 2004?  There are over 10,000 tombs, but 90 of them have highly colored paintings on the walls which depict the story and mythology of people during the Goguryeo period, 37BCE. These tombs offer a story of the myths and burial rituals of a people long ago told through the colorful paintings on the tomb walls.

Goguryeo Tomb North Korea

Goguryeo Tomb North Korea


Jayne Clark of USA Today, introduces the cultural traveler to the first trip to North Korea. This is big news for those of us that really want to go to obscure places like North Korea. Clark says:

. Mountain Travel Sobek is offering what it bills the first-ever adventure trip to North Korea Sept. 21-29. Cost: $8,995 not includinginternational airfare. (Or, to put it in perspective, about five times the annual income of the average North Korean.)

There’s not much of a beaten path for tourists in this notoriously reclusive nation, but the MTS itinerary takes in places that see few foreigners, such as remote and scenic Mount Chilbo, and industrial Chongjin, North Korea’s third-largest city.


Thank you Jayne Clark for introducing this news for the die hard cultural traveler. If you can’t go this year, perhaps you can begin to read about the cultural treasures that North Korea has to offer. We know so little about places that have been out of our travel reach, but North Korea has some really wonderful treasures. If you go, make sure you travel north to the Goguryeo tombs. You can read Jayne Clark’s article here.


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